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Dennis Young (DennisLYoung)
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Posted: April 11, 2020
Last activity: September 22, 2020

CLSA8: How to extend a data class to higher layers

Very tough to follow and grasp this one.  

The actual problem the solution is trying to solve (assigning vehicle type as a class at runtime) is not actually stated until the end of the lesson and not directly.  So, it's tough to know where things are going until the end.

The "siblings" screen shots (attached) for the Data Transforms are in 2 pieces, so very hard to line up and read.

The example given is complex and the text very hard to follow.  I'm left with the impression that it was written to expand on DCR to someone who already knows how it works and not explain it to someone new to the concept.  I'm on my third read and struggling - not usually the case for Pega courses.

Question:  In "A possible approach to the Call super data transform option post-construction initialization problem is to use an @baseclass WasPageInitialized ValueGroup property. Every pyDefault Data Transform within an inheritance hierarchy can be altered as follows."......what is the "Call super data transform option post-construction initialization problem"?  If this is not automatically set for the pyDefault DT for a Data class when created, then just check the box and set it if needed.

Thanks for your help.

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