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Lee Pederson (pedel)
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Posted: December 3, 2018
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Colorable Data Transform and Activity steps?

What are your thoughts about having the ability to highlight / color-code groups of related steps within Data Transforms and Activities?

It often takes 3 steps to accomplish a goal, for example:

  1. Page-New
  2. Property-Set
  3. call XYZ

When you have multiple groups of steps, such as the above, at some point, say 3 groups, you need to decide whether to create a new Transform or Activity to prevent the code from being overly difficult to read and maintain.

Creating single-purpose, non-reusable rules, though, also increases code-maintenance complexity.

It takes a sharp eye to recognize when three steps can be treated as a single logical step."Preview" helps to some extent.

Suppose a developer could choose from multiple pastel colors that can be used as the background color for a Data Transform or Activity step?

Groupings of related code would immediately stand out.

Code comprehension and maintainability would be enhanced.

In Accessibility mode the background color could be spelled out.

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