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Column Repeat Layout - Truncating Records after some Extent


We upgrade from v5.5 PRPC 7.1.9 with CSI 7.1.4. We have Layout group in CPMCompositesContainer scection to show Customer Composite. In one of the section we have column Repeat layout. When the number are results is more (say around 30) , system shows records up to certain extent with horizaontal scrool bar (say 25 records) after this all remaining records gets truncated.  Plus, left Service Intenet selection layout is getting dragged towards right if more records are there (My observation is the area this Intenet selection layout is dragging to.. the same exact area records are getting truncated at last.)

To replicate this i implmementaed similar thing in CSI oob application, i see same behaviour there as well.
Steps to Reproduce in CSI FW Sample application
1> Consider CSI FW and LogIn to OOB Pega sample application using CSInsuranceSysAdmin id
2> In Policy Tab consider CPMStatements as an example to reproduce this scenerio
3> Replace Repeat Grid with Column Repeat with data source as Property - D_Account_Statements.pxResults
4> Update Report Definition CPMAccountStatements to remove all criterias so that it retuns more than 30 records
5> Now test the screen with Natalie K Song test data..
6> when you expand Statements section you will see the whole screen shifts towards right and some records get truncated
Is there a way or setting to address this ? please help
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