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Combine two strings from user input from Windows Form


I am stuck on a portion of my automation workflow where I am combining two strings to create a file path. The first string/portion of the file path is static ("C:\Users\Name\"). The second string is dynamic and is the desired file name that is input into a text box on a Windows Form by the user. My desired outcome is to combine the two strings and output the complete file path ("C:\Users\Name\FileName.txt") into another text box on the Windows Form. I have attempted to do this by creating a script construct (see example code below), but am getting errors now that the user-friendly script constructs window has been removed from Pega Robotics Studio. Is there an easier way to accomplish this?

Example code:

public sealed class Script
public string FullPathName()
string txtFileName = Console.ReadLine();
string[] paths = {@"C:\Users\Name\", txtFileName, ".txt"};
string txtPathName = Path.Combine(paths);
return txtPathName;
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