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Compliance score on branch rulesets only

I'm trying to get a Compliance Score on a bunch of branch rulesets in order to track progress of individual development teams and get compliance issues resolved before merging the branch back into the trunk ruleset.

I have created a new application for that purpose with the relevant branch rulesets added to the Application rulesets list. The application is built on the PegaRULES application and "Include parent" is ticked.

I've referenced this Application in an Access Group, however, when I switch to it the branch rulesets are visible as Application rulesets but not in the Rulesets stack (via Profile). The resulting Compliance Score is therefore meaningless as it will report 100% with no rules (Pega rulesets are excluded from the algorithm).

Is there a way to achieve this? I want to exclude the branches' parent ruleset from the score.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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