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Posted: July 6, 2020
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Configuring email listener to Listen to shared Outlook email box

I am currently setting up my email account and am getting success for the sender side but i am currently getting a fail on the  Receiver side for an shared outlook  mailbox here is the error I am receiving how can I fix this : 


DEBUG: setDebug: JavaMail version 1.5.5 DEBUG: getProvider() returning javax.mail.Provider[STORE,imaps,com.sun.mail.imap.IMAPSSLStore,Oracle] DEBUG IMAPS: mail.imap.partialfetch: false DEBUG IMAPS: mail.imap.ignorebodystructuresize: false DEBUG IMAPS: mail.imap.statuscachetimeout: 1000 DEBUG IMAPS: mail.imap.appendbuffersize: -1 DEBUG IMAPS: mail.imap.minidletime: 10 DEBUG IMAPS: enable STARTTLS DEBUG IMAPS: closeFoldersOnStoreFailure DEBUG IMAPS: trying to connect to host "", port 993, isSSL true * OK The Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 service is ready. [TQBOADIAUABSADEAOQBDAEEAMAAwADcAMgAuAG4AYQBtAHAAcgBkADEAOQAuAHAAcgBvAGQALgBvAHUAdABsAG8AbwBrAC4AYwBvAG0A] A0 CAPABILITY * CAPABILITY IMAP4 IMAP4rev1 AUTH=PLAIN AUTH=XOAUTH2 SASL-IR UIDPLUS ID UNSELECT CHILDREN IDLE NAMESPACE LITERAL+ A0 OK CAPABILITY completed. DEBUG IMAPS: AUTH: PLAIN DEBUG IMAPS: AUTH: XOAUTH2 DEBUG IMAPS: protocolConnect login,,, password=<non-null> DEBUG IMAPS: AUTHENTICATE PLAIN command trace suppressed DEBUG IMAPS: AUTHENTICATE PLAIN command result: A1 NO AUTHENTICATE failed.

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