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Configuring external data sources with REST API

I came across this question with a lot of different opinions for the correct response. Hoping to get some legitimate opinions from the Pega experts. I think its B, what are your thoughts?

You are configuring an external data source using the Integration Designer. You have the REST, Dev, Stage, and Prod endpoint URLs, and a name for the data source. What other information do your need to configure the external data source?

A. A backup endpoint URL if the configured WL refuses to connect 

  • (This seems to be the answer most often chosen. However, I have not found a place to specify this in the process for setting up the data source)

B. A plan for mapping the data and REST response fields

  • (This seems logical. I don't like the phrase "A plan", but the mapping exercise is part of the process)

C. The name of the database where the source data is stored

D. The data views using the external data source

  • (C & D don't seem to fit.)


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