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Configuring pySendPushNotification activity parameters


I would like call the pySendPushNotification activity in one of my existing activities in order to notify user for his assignment and make him able to open the case through the notification. I set the parameters as below;

param.recipient = newAssignPage.pxAssignedOperatorID

param.customFields = "\"{\\\"ActionName\\\":\\\"OPEN CASE\\\",\\\"InsHandle\\\":\\\"\" + @Default.getInstanceHandleFromPage(tools, pyWorkPage) + \"\\\"}\""

The user receive the notification but can not open the case. There is no message like "do you want to open the case" as in the Pega's default notification on the case type.

I set the same value for custom fields parameter as Pega uses (pzSendPushNotification DT). However the user can not open the case through the notification. How can I achieve this ?

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