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Connect-File method unable to write Data on File on server path

We have an issue with Connect-File where we are generating report using export to csv- pxConvertResultsToCSV method and then trying to put the generated file in a server path using Connect-File method. CSV is being generated with all data at the Pega end ( I can see the file with data when running without Connect File and on clipboard page in Tracer), but after writing to the unix directory location, its being created as a blank csv file- with no Data in it- only the headers.
We are not finding any issues with permissions.
Once the file is created in that location by Pega, a Control-M job is supposed to read and SFTP that file to a different location.
I did find a related post which talks about similar issue-, but the solution does not exactly resolve my situation.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Trinanjan Dasgupta

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