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CONNECT REST- Error Handling across the application-Design query

Hi there,

We are in process of designing Business Rule engine to calculate price adjustments in pega. In this process, application needs to carry payload to external systems.To do so, we are using quite a lot of Connect REST rules to achieve the requirement.

Now, in this process our application is encountering various HTTP errors across all the connect rest rules . So decided to implement exception handling across the application.

Following are the options considered

  1. Modify ConnectionProblem OOTB flow rule to handle the connectivity failures
  2. Execute all the connect REST rules through the assignment. This approach will help us to achieve retry mechanism using Service level agreements. After the successful retries, if the issue still persists, route the case to exception workbasket.
  3. Create a new data table to record the exceptions encountered. Create an agent activity to monitor the data table and send an email on timely fashion to the administrator about new entries.

Need your thoughts in designing robust solution.


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