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Connect SOAP calls are failing after the service provider migrated to cloud


Our service provider migrated to cloud and the only change on our application end is updating service end-point urls. This change did not work for us initially but after the service provider fixed all their issues with external doc references in the WSDL URL, we were able to invoke all the services.

A week later, they applied a fix to send attachments as URLs instead of binary data to all the clients.For this, they enabled MTOM as a result of which the message headers were changed. Post this fix, we were getting the exceptions that we initially got on invoking the services. One is a null pointer exception with no response in the soap envelope. And no other additional details in the log even after enabling debug mode for the 5 loggers. Second is a prolog error on one of the service and this service response is captured in our logs. But, there are no additional details on what could be causing the issue. We are on PEGA 6.1 SP2. Could you please give us clues or ideas on why the services would fail if the service provider enabled MTOM?

We also tried to consume the WSDLs instead of directly updating the end-point urls but this failed with a null pointer exception in GenerateconnectorRules for all the existing methods. On further research, we found that it is an existing issue.The root cause of this problem is a defect in Pegasystems’ code/rules. The issue occurs when the system is attempting to locate an output operation element in the WSDL which, in the case of a one-way WSDL, does not exist.

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