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ConnectionProblem issue


We have a CaseManagement with multiple stages and steps. Each step is associated with a flow and has multiple integrations to external systems.

During case processing, it is possible that external web service (Connect Soap here) might not respond properly, so we want to configure OOTB ConnectionProblem flow and in case of technical errors , we want to have an assignment with that. We want to understand below things from that.

1) When ConnectionProblem flow is triggerred incase integartion fails because of ResourceUnavailable error, we dont see an assignment is created and flow gets paused. Instead complete case is going back to New status. (As per the documentation: When you accept the default, a connector exception causes the following processing:The original flow execution is paused.)

But this is not happenning.

2) In a flow which has 2 integarations. First integration is successfull and incase during second integration rule execution, if the ConnectionProblem flow is triggerred because of ResourceUnavailable exception, after the assignment completion, using OOTB "RestartProblemFlow", can we continue the main flow from failed utility (here second integration), instead of starting the complete flow from beginning.

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