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tamon tanino (tamont52)

tamont52 Member since 2016 12 posts
Posted: June 29, 2020
Last activity: October 9, 2020

Container's Multi document mode is almost deprecated? 

Hi I would like to what is the best practice to design the UI with single or multiple document(s) mode?  Multiple documents mode is almost deprecated?

I've worked on a pega platform(v8.1x) application this several months. the app based on UIKit has been implemented with multiple document mode which enable the operators to work with multiple document at same time. The app's navigation is built with navigation rule with document history in the navigation pane, so operators can access to the opend documents, not using tab like DEV studio. Ofcouse, the operator can only open the documents up to 16. (Tab groups for multiple documents which like multiple rule-form opend in DEV studio was deprecated, I heard from several sources)

After v8.1, I have another try for developing a pega app with Cosmos UI(v8.4). The app inherited many rules in the app built on v8.1 with UIKit. But Cosmos UI requires Single document mode and also Pega says UI for mobile should be with single page(not using iframe in HTML). Indeed, new app using rules in the former app is partly not working correctly with multiple document mode.

As my conclution, UIKit is deprecated or treated as legacy and New Cosmos UI does not support multi document mode, so multi document mode is almost deprecated?   

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