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Eric Osman (ericosman_GCS)
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Posted: January 12, 2016
Last activity: January 13, 2016

contextual help, smart shapes, create case smart shape mysterious field

Hi.  Three related questions:

1) You know that convenient contextual help feature whereby, for example, if you are looking at an activity method step such as obj-open-by-handle, and you want info about each of the fields, you can click the nice little question mark that appears near the fields, and it pops up a help window and the window automatically shows the documentation for obj-open-by-handle ?

Well, now suppose you're looking at the properties window for the create-case(s) smart shape on a flow diagram, and you want to get contextual help.   I don't see the nice little question mark for popping up a help window to automatically show the documentation for the create-case(s) smart shape.  Should there be one ?  Or am I just missing it and it's there somewhere ?

2)  If I'm not missing the nice little question mark, and there just isn't one, how do we find the help for that create-case(s) smart shape a different way ?

3)  Having the answer to the above two questions would allow me to find out stuff myself without having to ask someone for each thing.  But until I have those answers, here's the latest actual thing I need an answer to that I wanted to use the nice little question mark for:


What is this unlabeled field ?  What goes here ?  Where is this documented ?  How do I get to the documentation for this field ?

Thanks.  /Eric

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