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Posted: December 23, 2020
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Converting List and summary reports


In Case manager portal, I followed the instructions in links '', to convert a list report to summary report.

Step 3 says, 'Click Actions Summarize' but Action menu only has two options, 1. Report details and 2. Sort.

So i tried the inverted triangle icon 'Open menu' in column and used the option 'Summarize this column...', the report changed to summary report and even 'Add Chart' button appears.

Now that the report isn't saved yet, i wish to continue working with list report but there is no way to undo my action 'Summarize this column'. Where can i find the option to undo? 

As of now i just close and reopen the report to continue working from beginning. Is this the only way?

Also the above mentioned link and this another link '' needs update.



Naga Priya K

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