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Cookie invalidation after quiesce

Hi all,

I'm preparing HA installation of Pega 7.4 with cookie invalidation. Pega is running on WebSphere 9. The channel setting CookiesConfigureNoCache is False. HAProxy is used for cookie insertion with backend server name.

prconfig.xml contains the following lines:

<env name="session/ha/quiesce/customSessionInvalidationMethod" value="configurable-cookie-invalidator" />
<env name="session/ha/quiesce/cookieToInvalidate" value="ha_session" />
<env name="session/ha/Enabled" value="true" />
My expectation was that node in quiesce mode must expire cookieToInvalidate, i.e. ha_session. But after quiescing the node, I do expect that if I connect directly to this node, i.e. without HAProxy, and set manually ha_session, the node must return header Set-Cookie for ha_session with Expires in the past.
Though that does not happen at all.
What's wrong with my setup? Are there anything else that WebSphere might interfer with?
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