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Posted: September 10, 2018
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Copy Data from one thread to another

Hi, We have a requirement to Open selected repeating row data in a new tab. Portal is configured using Multi document dynamic container and tabs.

  • Tab 1 à Display a section with repeating list. Add “Open” button in the repeating list to open records.
  • Tab 2 -à View selected record data in tab 2

I have tried below configuration to achieve this. But I am not able to copy data from Tab1 to Tab2.Any thoughts?

Button Action and Parameters as below:-

  • Action:- Harness
  • Parameters :-
    • Target :- New Document
    • Tab Name:- “Record 1”
    • Class :- "ABC- WORK-Manufacturing"
    • Harness :- ShowSelectedData
    • DataTransform:- CopyDatafromSelectedRecord

Thanks in advance

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