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Posted: June 21, 2020
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Copying Page Property to Pagelist

I have Page named MainAddress  and a PageList named AlternateAddress of the same Class Type (applicantaddress).


A user enters an address and the MainAddress Single Page is populated via datatransform from .ApprovedInformation (SinglePage) as .ApprovedInformation.Address is also SinglePage.



My requirement is to populate the First Index on AlternateAddress with the .ApprovedInformation.Address (used in step 5)

Can I add this same page i.e MainAddress Page (or .ApprovedInformation) as AlternateAddress(1) or do I need to actually read the properties on .ApprovedInformation.Address  and then map/populate the individual properties on AlternateAddress(1).

Essentially I am just cloning MainAddress as AlternateAddress(1).

Can some one show me the syntax for achieving this as MainAddress is a Single Page while my AlternateAddress is a PageList?








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