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Corrupted word in Flow when called from [Create Work] local action

I am getting a unreadable japanese value (corrupted) in a flow (pyStartCase) as a parameter value. It only happens when the japanese word passed to to flow by parameter, like FlowParameter <- param1.value if I pass japanese word directly to flow parameter , it does not happen. FlowParameter <- "こんにちは!"

Reproduce step:

1. Create a button on a section

2. Set [Create work] as action to the button above.

3. In Create work setting, set any case type and select pyStartCase Flow. ( pyStartCase Flow has one parameter , like Param1)

4. In the [Create work] setting area, set flow (pyStartCase) parameter Param1 <- paramT.value (paramT is a local parameter holds a japanese word)



1. In the Flow (.pyStartCase), getting an corrupted japanese word. Expect Japanese word value: こんにちは!  Actuall getting : ????????≪????? ̄???


Does anyone know how to solve this? Thank you!

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