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Posted: January 18, 2017
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Cost Center Manager vs. Manager in Organizational objects

In the LSA v7.1 training quiz under "Mapping the Organizational Structure", question 4 asks:  "Which of the following statement is not true with respect to the organizational data objects relationships?"  The "correct" answer is "A division has a manager".  I find this confusing for two reasons.  (1) The division rule has a cost center manager field and (2) in the Unit rule, the value in the 'cost center manager' field is the value that is displayed in the "Manager" column of the Organization chart.  

Similarly, question 5 asks "Which of the following components have a manager field?"  The choices are Unit, Division, Workbasket, and Work group.  The "correct" answers are Unit and Work group.  The Work group has a field labeled "Manager ID", but the Unit rule form, like the Division rule form, has its manager field in the Cost Center section.  So the 'unit cost center manager' is considered 'a manager field', but the 'division cost center manager' is not?

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