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Posted: August 2, 2019
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Cost performance of unoptimized property vs optimized with DataType modification

Hello dear Community,

I'm using Pega 7.3/7.4 and I have a question considering property stored in DataBase.

the context : I need to get a property through a report. This property references the base 64 code to display an pdf and is natively unoptimized. The thing is that this property can contain a very long string (like a length of 270,000 characters). But if I optimize this property, the DataType in DataBase will be in VARCHAR(32).

So here are my few questions :

- Is it possible to optimize a property and then change its Datatype to something able to contain all the information ?

- If it is possible, does changing the datatype deoptimize my property ?

- Finally, what what will be more expensive in term of perfomance : an unoptimized property in the BLOB or an optimized property but with a modifier DataType ?

Best regards,


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