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Couldn't find Rule-Connect-REST instance HSBC-Div-Unit-AppTwo-Work-CaseTwo.ApiAssets

I need to call activity GetAssets from flow action.

The flow action is in HSBC-Div-Unit-AppTwo-Work-CaseTwo And the activity is in the HSBC-Int-Assets-ApiAssets class

As they both reside in different classes, I created a wrapper Activity in HSBC-Div-Unit-AppTwo-Work-CaseTwo and called the activity with step Call HSBC-Int-Assets-ApiAssets.GetAssets.

It calls that activity without any problem. Now the problem is as below.

Activity GetAssets calls a Connect-Rest rule. This rule is also present in HSBC-Int-Assets-ApiAssets class. If I directly run this activity GetAssets, it works fine. Now if I call the wrapper activity present in the HSBC-Div-Unit-AppTwo-Work-CaseTwo, it calls GetAssets present in the HSBC-Int-Assets-ApiAssets class correctly, but it is trying to call the connect rest rule present in the HSBC-Div-Unit-AppTwo-Work-CaseTwo class.

This is very strange. Please let me know how I can solve this issue.

Am I missing something

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