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Posted: September 19, 2016
Last activity: October 4, 2018

Counter of text input working wrong in Chrome

  • Brief Desc - Incorrect counter in text area
  • Detailed Description - Incorrect counting of characters in text area in Chrome. We have different values of characters inside text area and PEGA default counter for Text Area in Chrome just in cases when we use newline character.
  • Steps to reproduce -
  1. Add control "text area" to section
  2. Open properties of control
  3. On presentation tab restrict max characters to 10(as example)
  4. Make "true" checkbox for Display character counter
  5. Than in application use 8 characters and one newline characters
  6. Counter below textarea will show message "Remaining: 1 characters" but we can't input any symbols in text area
  • Any error messages - we don't have any error messages
  • Attempted solutions - we added script to section mentioned in For the first time counter below textarea counts newline characters as 2 symbols and shows correct value of remaining characters. But after refresh this section (event on click) default counter shows again wrong value.

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