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Posted: April 9, 2018
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Create an Activity to Send XML to an External Source

We need to take user entered information, convert to XML, and send it to an external service
Based on PEGA PDN articles and videos, we believe we need to implement the following steps:
1. Ceate a custom data type called AgencyRequest that contains multiple fields and datatypes in a hierarchical structure (done)
2. Create a UI where a user enters data on multiple screens (done)
3. Store data in AgencyRequest data type when user clicks Submit (done)
4. Create an XML from the AgencyRequest data type which is compliant with an XSD. To be compliant with the XSD, we need to manipulate some of the data e.g. splitting a date value captured from a single user entry field to individual day/month/year fields or, for some fields, concatenate values
5. Send a JSON Object which includes an ID and the above XML out in a REST Call to an external service
6. Finally, set up Connect REST Integration Connector which should take the JSON input

We have implemented Steps 1-3 and believe we have to create an activity to accomplish steps 4-5. We have started on step 6, but have some questions.

For Steps 4 and 5, we believe we need to implement a JAVA method in an activity to retrieve the AgencyRequest data from the Clipboard Page and perform the actions listed in steps 4 and 5.

Now for our questions:
Is this the recommended approach?
Do we need to specify a step page to store the XML data?
What other tabs in the Activity need to be populated?
How should we feed the output from step 5 into step 6?

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