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Create Contact and Prospect Customer service (comms)

Issue / description

In the customer service for communications framework (version 7.4) when a prospect is created using the out of the box functionality the activity "CreateContactAndProspect" (see attachment).

I am trying to understand the full scope and functionality of this activity. The first part (steps 1-8) are validating the data and then mapping the data and saving to the integration based or 'master tables' such as COMMS_CUSTOMER_MASTER etc.

Then in step 8 there is a condition that exits the activity (see attachment) when pyDisplayHarness.pxObjClass=="CPM-Portal".


1. In the description of step 8 it says "continue Activity only in web" but why? I am not clear on why the functionality needs to be different if triggered from the web? In addition we are detecting if we are in the 'web' by checking the portal class but presumably we may be using our own class here.

2. Step 9 calls Work-.CRMCreateContact. (see attachment) This appears to be creating a cross reference of class PegaCRM-Data-EntityXREF-Contact. Why is this required only if being created 'from the web'?

3. Step 11. This is calling PegaComm-.ToSaveEvents. This will set the event data and execute the NewContactCMF dataflow. Why is this required only if being created 'from the web'?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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