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Posted: May 31, 2020
Last activity: June 7, 2020

Create a mobile channel in 8.4 with different options


When I am creating a mobile app in 8.4 there two different options. One is to create with an access group and the other is without access group.

When I create with access group, it is refers to the portal used in access group as an app. This is a traditional approach which we have used earlier as well. We can select our own menu bar, offline check etc.

But in the second option(New one is 8.4), we cannot change the menu from bottom to side. We don't have an option to enable offline capability into the app. But we have few advanced options like floating action button, native search and even easy to configure list pages.

Which is the best practice ? Option 1 or Option 2 ??

Of-course option 2 is low code approach but how do we enabled offline, remove menu from footer to side in this option ?? Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.



Pega Platform 8.4