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Joris Claus (Jorre)
ING Belgium SA NV
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ING Belgium SA NV
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ING Belgium SA NV
Posted: May 7, 2020
Last activity: May 12, 2020

Create a new case in the same harness when old case gets assigned to other workbasket

We created an initialization screen where we can enter all case data needed. After duplicate case check, the temporary case is being persisted and moved to another workbasket where it will be picked up by an agent to do some background calculations/checks. Afterwards, it will be reassigned to the end-users workbasket.

In order to speed up the work, we would like a new case to be created using the existing harness so the user can continue with encoding the next case.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Thnx!


Pega Platform 7.3 Case Management Financial Services Front-End Developer