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Create Releasepipeline for Componente with Deployment Manager

Hi Everyone,

i would like to create a Releasepipeline for a componente woth Deployment Manager.

Have anyone experience with Componente Releasepipeline? How could the test coverage for a componente be caculated in pipeline.

I did following steps to define the pipeline to deploy a Component A

1. create a component A_QA, which takes A as prerequiste.

2. save test cases in the Component A_QA ruleset, define Accessgroup for Component A_QA.

3. enable the checkbox "deploy test cases" in Deploymentmanager

4. start deployment

5. process failed on validate test coverage, although it has 70% test coverage, it throwed an error that the test coverage only 0%.

Then i tried to save A_QA rulest direct in Component A, it throwed the same error.

i am appreciated for any answer.

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