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Creating and managing CS FrameWork CompositeView data pages after upgrade to v7


In our CallCenter application which uses CS FW, we show CompositeView tabs based on InsuredID and mostly data remains static for interaction and it's Service Request work objects. Now after upgrading from v5 to v7, 

As per V7 CS FW standards, they suggest to create Datapages for Composite view data display.   If we create Datapage say D_Claims with Thread scope, Then

1> When interaction is created this page will get refreshed ( to load i call multiple web services to downstream system).

2> Now if i create SR object's, for each SR thread, again this Page will load (again duplicate webservice calls, though i already have data in interaction tread)

How to address this issues, i cannot create data page at requester level because if user creates multiple interaction, this data gets overwritten. 

There is one more option where, i create requester level data page with parameter of InteractionID and InsuredID, so that i can have unique pages for each interaction.

But problem is this application is built in v5 we have so many Comnposite Pages (say around 30), if i move them to requester level Data Page, then this page grows fat and also i need to change page references in all UI as well as Activities which references theses pages, which is a tedious risky Job for upgrade and it will be like Rewrite rather than upgrade.

Any suggestion on with minimal changes how to achieve this.   

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