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Creating a Case makes it an Interaction

We are trying to integrate CPM with Smart Dispute by initiating the SD Claim Case from an Intent Task.
We want to show the Claim Case in a separate tab from the current Interaction tab.
We are doing this by creating the claim case as part of the post-processing of the flow action on the Intent Task and then use an activity in the intent task flow to call a Show-Harness on that Claim Case. This opens a new tab for the Claim Case, but the issue is that it looks like the framework is causing the Claim Case to be created as a new Interaction and this causes as well the current Intent Task to not be marked as completed even though it is.

We tried to use the script APIs to open it directly from a Harness displayed after the flow action is completed (instead of closing the work object) with pega.desktop.showHarnessWrapper or pega.desktop.openWorkByHandleReload but it is not working.
Is there a way we can create the SD Claim Case and open it in a new tab without CPM causing it to be considered an Interaction and messing up with the current Intent?

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