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Posted: December 15, 2017
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CREATING CASES AND CHILD CASES - don't see the Child case in dropdown


Following are the instructions from the exercise CREATING CASES AND CHILD CASES in CASE DESIGN section of course System Architect Essentials :

Configure the Onboarding case type to create a Benefits Enrollment child case

Configure an onboarding case to create a benefits enrollment case as a child case. This requires the user to complete the benefits enrollment case before they can complete the onboarding case.

  1. Under the Benefits enrollment stage, click + Add process.
  2. Under the Benefits enrollment step, click + Add step. A pop-up opens to select the type of step to add.
  3. Select More > Utilities > Create Case(s).
  4. Click Select. A second step is added to the process.
  5. In the highlighted field, enter Select Benefits.
  6. In the properties panel for the Select Benefits step, select Create a child case.
  7. From the Case type drop-down field, select Benefits Enrollment.
  8. Delete the first step in the process.
  9. Click Save.

But after reaching to this point I don't see Benefits Enrollment in the dropdown (PFA). Please help to advance in the exercises because these exercises are not mutually exclusive.



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