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Creating cases with Page Group properties through Pega API


I've been using the Pega API for case management, but I cannot figure out how to properly define a Page Group property using the JSON structure when sending a POST request for case creation.

For regular Page properties, I just send the page properties inside the key values, for example.:

"Page":{"PageProperty1": "value1", "PageProperty2": "value2"} 

For Page Lists, I can use the JSON array structure, as shown below:

"PageList":[{"PageProperty1": "value1"},{"PageProperty1": "value1"}]

For Page Groups, however, I've tried several approaches but none worked so far. Seeing the generated JSON from Page Group properties on the clipboard gets me something like the code below:


Unfortunately, this approach also did not work (the property was not created properly).

Does anyone had any experience with this process, or any ideas on how to manage this situation?

Thanks in advance,

Igor Kimieciki

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