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Creating different applications' work objects from dispatcher case


We have already 10 different applications in production. Each of these applications have their own rulesets and own case types.

We want to create a new application(Dispatcher application) and a new case type(e.g. Dispatcher case). By using Dispatcher case type, we would like to enable user to select an existing applications' case type and be able to create an instance of this case type.

We implemented this feature just with 1 application(AppA) by setting AppA as the build on application for Dispatcher application. So that we are able to work with AppA's rulesets and use their starter flows to create a case of AppA. However we want to achieve this feature for other applications as well.

We have an approach to do this, for each application we may create a service rule to create specific application's case and call these services from Dispatcher case type.

However, it would be better to have a non service solution. What would be you solution for this issue?


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