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Posted: November 9, 2020
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Posted: 9 Nov 2020 8:20 EST
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Creating Index on Work-Channel-Triage and Data-Corr-Email class

Hi Team,

A very quick question - We have implemented an Email Bot where we create both the Triage and Business cases. There are separate email conversations (as the case ids for Triage and Business cases are different) which are stored in Work-Channel-Triage and Data-Email-Corr classes. 

Business have asked us to build a content search functionality on the contents of the email body. 

1. Is it advisable to build such type of (outlook) search functionality? If not, we can always go back to the business and explain the same. Anyways, we have already highlighted the performance risk associated with it.

2. If yes, for triage cases, should we expose the pyBody property using Declare-Index rules on the work-triage-channel class? If not, what's the alternative.

3. How do we expose the pyBody property from the Data-corr-email class? Declare Index rule or any alternative?


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