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US Food and Drug Administration
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US Food and Drug Administration
Posted: February 8, 2021
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Creating reusable date formats

When displaying a date property in the UI, the presentation tab of the control has a Date Format dropdown. This is populated with around 10 date formats that are provided OOTB. It also provides a Custom option, where you can then enter your own format, like 'MM-dd-yyyy'.

'MM-dd-yyyy' is the preferred format of dates by our client. It would be great if we could add this to the drop down, naming it ClientFormat or something... This would make it reusable for our developers for any date controls, and if the preferred format was to change, it would be great to make the change only in one place.

Is it possible to add a new format to the dropdown? If not can we please submit this as an enhancement request?

Pega Platform User Experience Lead System Architect