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Rajukumar Badkal (RajuBadkal)
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Posted: March 22, 2021
Last activity: March 23, 2021

Creating Simulations programatically

We wanted to create the Simulation definitions programmatically for both Funnel and Distribution tests.

Was looking at the OOTB activities pzCreateSimulation and pzCreateSimulationRunObject activities and wanted to build a custom activity that can create different simulations for given paramters.

There are two levels for work object creations in Simulations

1. Creating a page for appliesTo Data-Decision-Simulations with all the required data like pyDatasource, pyStrategy, pyDestination, pyPostActivity, pyPreActivity pages under pyOptions of Simulations Page

2. Creating the DDF workitems applies to Pega-DM-DDF-Work, where we copy the data from the above simulation page and create the work object for DDF work items using the AddWork Activity. As part of the copy, the pyOptions page from the Simulations page is copied into DDFWorkPage, which doesn't seem to be working in my case as the source page is of type Data-Decision-DDF-RunOptions-Simulation but the destination is of Data-Decision-DDF-RunOptions.

Due to this the DDF work object is not created hence the simulation is not created.


Can anyone help me with this?

1. is this the right aooroach for creating the simulation programatically

2. Is there any other way to create simulation programatically.






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