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Posted: October 2, 2018
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Cross Application Access Role Issues

We have an application, with the requirement to identify, open and work on cases from another application within the same system. Both these applications are built on top of the same base application but have been slightly modified for their individual use. We have managed to make this cross application functionality work, however we have an issue when an operator has the access group for both applications attached to it.

The issue is with identifying the application the operator is in as we use this to identify where to retrieve certain data from. When the operator only has Access group A we correctly identify the operator as being in Application A even tho they're working on the case from Application B. However when the operator has Both access group A and B, the system identifies the operator as being in Application B, even though we got to this point in the same way.

We are using the Application.pyLabel property to identify the application.

Has anyone else attempted similar cross application functionality and has advice on how to overcome this?

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