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CSA Essentials Course - Final Solution Build - Step US-112

I'm new to the Pega Platform. The target audience for the CSA course might be people with more experience, but I went through the course with no trouble.

However, the Final Solution Build has been more difficult than I was expecting relative to the exercises in the coursework. I've been able to work through it with some hacking and reading of the online documentation; although that documentation seems to be for version 7 of the platform.

I'm having some understanding what to do on step US-112. This may be very simple and straightforward for an experienced Architect, but I thought was the correct approach didn't work.

Basically, we're to create a Transform into an existing Page, but the Page that the instructions say to Target is a read-only Page. That page is populated if the "User" is "Enrolling/Creating an Account", but in this step, the Page is to be populated by Querying an Account that is already setup.

How do I do this?

I appreciate any help.

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