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Filipe Lopes (FilipeL9)
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Posted: April 17, 2018
Last activity: April 24, 2018

CSV files, Parse Delimited and escape character - I cannot use this, this needs to be improved


The functionality of parsing files with CSV format is quite difficult to make use of.

In other products out there, whenever you get a file to parse through, you normally enclose text fields with double quotes, so that in case the field contains a separator character, it can be ignored by the parser.

But in Pega, Product Management has decided to do otherwise. Basically, whoever needs to send the data to Pega as a CSV needs to parse through its content, put an escape character whenever a separator appears in the middle of each field. I cannot use this functionality, it is basically not usable, i am afraid to say.

Because of this, I will have implement this with what Pega preaches to be wrong, Java code.

In order for people to use this functionality of Parse delimited in the future, the escape character functionality needs to changed drastically, and do it like other applications, Database, or even MS Excel, and use a character to enclose the field value e.g. double quotes, so Pega considers what is inside only as content.

Of course, for my immediate requirements, it is likely too late to be able to use any improvement. I don't think this decision of using escape character was a wise decision, comparing with other examples as we can see on the market.

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