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CTI : how to implement Enhanced Routing


I am looking how we can use PegaCALL to use as a routing decision. The operation guide explains :

  • Pega Call uses the Decision Tree ChannelServices-Event-CTILink-JTAPI • SelectRoute to route calls. Modify this rule in your own ruleset and write your own routing logic
  • Configurable rules determine the appropriate call routing based on data from the IVR, PBX/ACD, and customer information systems. The data used for routing decisions includes ANI (Automatic Number Identification – identifies the telephone number the caller is calling from), DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service – identifies the number the
    person called), caller-entered data from the IVR...

I understand it but how get the data from the IVR and the ANI/DNIS data in the decision tree SelectRoute ?

Are these information in the Primary Page ? If it is, in which properties / embedded page ?

Are these information in other page in the clipboard ? If it is, in which page ?


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