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Ralf Sauer (RalfS460)
W&W Informatik GmbH

W&W Informatik GmbH
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W&W Informatik GmbH
Posted: September 26, 2019
Last activity: September 26, 2019

Currency / Number / Date Control Masked input - Product enhancement

We need a way to mask inputs for users while they are typing so that they can't enter an invalid format. For example if a customer enters a currency it should look like this "1.000,99" while typing. The dot should appear automatically and after the user enters a comma only two more numbers should be allowed to enter after the comma. Another example would be a date control which autmatically adds the dots (e.g. 26.09.2019 in german format) while typing and also restricts the possible range of dates a user can enter to a particular period. There are some javascript solutions (e.g. or for such a scenario but we can't use them by a company guidline.

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