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Posted: September 1, 2020
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Posted: 1 Sep 2020 3:00 EDT
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Custom activity not getting executed for unauthenticated / guest user

I have a requirement for customizing the Pega login screen. Below are the features which are completed:

1. Changed the login screen(with custom css and html Web-Login). 2 buttons are added. SignIn and Create Account

2. On click of SignIn, the general Pega login will take place. using Code-Security.Login 

3. On click of Create Account, a html is shown where the guest user is asked to enter his email and click on GenerateOTP button to get the OTP.

4. All the required configurations like setting up the Browser requestor type, Unauthenticated Access group, Adding an unauthenticated RS in the access group etc are take care. 

Issue- When the server url is hit, the customized login screen displays. On click of Create Account , when user enters his email and click on Generate OTP, the activity is not getting executed. (Neither the OTP comes nor the next screen is shown where the user is asked to enter the received OTP)

Observation- When I run the preview of Web-Login and then click on Create Account,the functionality works end to end. Meaning for an authenticated user, the activity (on click of Generate OTP) gets executed and so on. 

QQ-  Do we have any way to run a custom activity when the user is not authenticated yet?

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