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Custom Edit Validate

I have following requirements:

1. Creating Edit validate rule and comparing 2 dates using java code. The 2 dates are properties in application. I am unable to use other property in Edit validate rule( as 1 property can be used as 'theValue')

2. the 2 dates are in a pagelist for ex pyWorkPage.TestPage (every page in list contain 2 dates) whic needs to be compared in the edit validate rule.So my question is will this edit validate rule work in a repeating grid if not how can i address this requirement.

Below is my custom edit validate:

if (theValue.trim().length() == 0) {
return false;
java.util.Date theDate = tools.getDateTimeUtils().parseDateTimeString(theValue);
return (theDate != null && theDate.after(NEED THE OTHER DATE PROPERTY HERE);

Thasks alot in advance!!

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