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Custom font style is not applied in the generated pdf document

A custom font file is uploaded to our Pega Application as a binary file. File directory of the binary file is webwb and the extension is ttf. In the Rich Text Editor(RTE) I have added this font style and applied this style to the content of the RTE. Now when I am generating the pdf out of the content of RTE, the custom font style is not applied to the generated pdf. I am using HTMLToPDF activity for generating the pdf and passing the parameters like pdfstream, pyPDFFontsDirectory and pyPDFEmbedFont as true. PDF is generated properly but not with the desired custom font style. I have tried passing parameter of pyPDFFontsDirectory as webwb, as \webwb and even my local directory path as well like "C:\\Windows\\Fonts". None of them worked. I have gone through many community posts but could not find the desired solution. I feel there is an issue with passing the directory path. Please help!!

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