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Custom solution for making SendSMSInBulk PM agent multinode in v 7.22

In our existing project customer is facing too much SMS delivery delay while launching campaigns i.e 1.2 million smses broken into 1.2 *5 = 6 million sms fragments takes in excess of 12 hours to deliver.

Pega suggested to upgrade from PM 7.22 to latest 7.4 or 8.1,so that we can use the multinode feature which is not present in 7.22 . However as last year only we did a upgrade so client is not very keen to do another upgrade and ask us to give some custom solution.

So for that we plan customise the existing SendSMSInBulk agent activity to use a DF with source as PR_DATA_CORR_SMS table where we will do partitioning by introducing a new column PART_KEY containing 30 partitions for each SMS account. So the DF will spawn 30 requestor one for each partition evenly spread across the 4 nodes we have.

Question is what logic we should write in DF to give the best SMS through put. ANy suggestion in this regard will be really helpful, or any other alternate approach.



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