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Posted: October 16, 2017
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Custom UI component save values to properties on a page (.pyWorkPage.MyPage)

Hi Guys,

I am trying to create a custom UI component (not an auto-generated one) in pega verison 7.3

I want to persist values of input fields upon save/submit into properties on a clipboard page (single page under pyWorkPage).

What I have done:

the custom UI component gets the page as a property when I reference it in the section.

I then access the page using the following code and save it in a variable:

<pega:save name="strPropertyName" ref="$this-name" />

then construct the reference for the properties I want to set with :

<% String labelProperty = tools.getSaveValue("strPropertyName") + "$ppyLabel";%>

And so looks my inputs:

<input name="<%=labelProperty%>" value="<pega:reference name='<%=labelProperty%>' mode='text'/>" type="text">

From what I see I am confident that this is a proper setup for setting and showing property values in a custom component in pega.

The problem is that I get a SECU0001 alert, because pega does not know that this property should be allowed to be modified.

My question is:

  • what are the ways to tell pega that the page I am passing in, can be legally modified (so I do not get SECU0001 s)?
  • if there is no option for the previous, how can I save (when save or submit is clicked) a property to a page form a custom UI component?


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