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Custom URL for pega. instead of prweb - using /webapp. Impacting on the PrpcserviceUtils system management package rest

Team if we are giving the custom URL as below with /webapp instead of /prweb

https://<host name>:<port number>/webapp
PRPCService Utils and SystemManagement ServicePackage is not working as expected<host name>:<port number>/<context>/PRRestService
The above is the actual path. it should substitute the context as webapp and display as below<host name>:<port number>/webapp/PRRestService
But the PRPC service util is behaving differently and generating the URL as below. which is failing to initiate the rest service calls<host name>:<port number>/webapp/prweb/PRRestService/
Conclusion: With the custom URL. like /webapp in the given context. What all the changes we need to what all the files we need to edit or configure from prpcservice util end and from pega end . to make the initiation of PRRestservice calls of system management package and do the export and import utilities work properly.

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