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Ronnie Slegers (RonS8142)
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iQibt BV
Posted: November 6, 2020
Last activity: November 12, 2020

Customer Decision Hub offers not found in Customer Service


Trying to get NBA offers from our Pega Marketing application as a result into our Pega Customer Service application. Herefore I have done all configuration settings to enable CDH within CS (and disable the when intent rules). Within our Pega Marketing application (in which CDH resides) I have created the respective real time containers (see 1st attachment), used in Map Value MapActionIDAndContainer. This one is linked to an Issue and Group which at least had one Action.


The problem when creating a case in our Pega CS implementation app. is that the D_NBAContainer returns an 'OK' code, but with the message that no offer is found (see 2nd attachment). Also running datapage D_NBAContainer solely, returns the same message. At least I know the Endpoint URL configuration is correct and the real-time container names are correct, which took me some time as well to get that working.

At times of the 'OK' code but with the message that no offers were found, in CDH I did not have a Treatment added to the Action I expected in return. When I do add the 'Agent Assist' treatment with treatment type 'Call Center', then this returns an internal error, so it seems I am even further away from what I want.

Attemps to solve the issue

When running the D_NBAContainer datapage, I have putted a trace on REST service 'Container' (which is the one called from Pega CS to CDH). There I noticed the issue appearently occuring in the 6th step of Activity ExecuteProgramForContainer which loops over the results in step page PublicComponent.pxResults (type Data-pxStrategyResult) which is skipped since this page appears to be empty (see 3rd attachment). In this loop it would normally build up the response in DT TransformSROutput which is now skipped. As a result it returns "no offers available" in step 8 of Activity ExecuteProgramForContainer.

Everything is on version 8.3.1. by the way.

Please advice me how to solve this issue.

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Pega Customer Decision Hub 8.3 Decision Management System Architect