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A customer sent this urgent question and wonder if anyone has a good answer to it..

Returning a browser call (as a web page is loading)

A web page contains a snippet of JS which would call back to the Pega system. Webpages with JS snippets that call 3rd-party applications often return HTML (“UI widgets”) which get superimposed on the loading web page (i.e. within a vector, or as a popup alert or modal). Could the Pega system:

  1. Act as a (“listening”) web server and return a set of HTML
  2. Have a decision node which would decide “not” to return a set of HTML (say if we decided based on the cookies or other set of user data not to return the HTML)
  3. Personalize the type of information returned to the user based on the decision rules for that listening event

Is this something the Pega system could easily handle? Or is this done often?

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