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Customize the breadcrumbs to show question(flowname) and answer in Pega Survey

We are using the Pega's OOTB, FormNavigation7 (Rule-Obj-HTML) to show breadcrumbs. We understand that the text shown on breadcrumbs are basically the flowname. In Pega survey we have "Question" shapes which are internally implemented as subflow by design so these are also displayed in breadcrumbs. We understand that for Question subflows, the questionname (which has same name as subflow) is displayed in the breadcrumbs.

Is it possible to configure the breadcrumbs to show both question and answer than just showing the question (subflow) name? For e.g. consider a question shape having below properties in the flow

  • QuestionName = LocateBBU
  • Question Description = Did the customer locate BBU?
  • Answer = yes or no

Currently, Pega’s OOTB script display QuestionName as the breadcrumb text. We would like to know the possibility of displaying QuestionName[appended with Answer selected] instead. For e.g. LocateBBUYes for Yes and LocateBBUNo for No?

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